Repetiteur/ Ballet Master

BRENKUS c 0009Since concluding his performing career in 2004, Daniel has been part of Northern Ballet’s Artistic Staff where he has worked intensively in the creation, nurturing and development of the company’s prolific and varied repertoire.

Daniel is an accomplished freelance repetiteur experienced in staging major productions for world renowned ballet companies.

He staged Northern Ballet’s “The Three Musqueteers” for the Estonia Opera House Ballet (2009), Massimo Morricone’s “Romeo and Juliet” for the Slovakian National Ballet (2013), “A Christmas Carol” for the Royal New Zealand Ballet (2014) and Cathy Marston’s “Jane Eyre” for the American Ballet Theatre (2019).

His method is clear, efficient and focussed on promoting a work environment which is productive and rewarding for all involved.

Daniel has worked alongside choreographers such as Massimo Morricone, Gyllian Lynn, Nacho Duarto, Veronica Papper, Cathy Marston, Hans Van Manen and Jonathan Watkins amongst others.

He is an established Ballet teacher and coach and has worked as invited guest with the American Ballet Theatre, Slovakian National Ballet, Royal New Zealand Ballet, Estonian Ballet, Deborah Colker Dance Company, Bern Ballet, Phoenix Dance Theatre, Royal Academy of Dance, Central School of Ballet, The Ballet Boyz and National Dance Company of Wales.