Glass Canon (2010)

A Two movement dance piece to ‘Eastern European and Middle Eastern rhythms dance music’ danced by 6 couples.

  • Premièred as the opening for Northern Ballet’s mixed program in February 2010 at the Leeds Grand Theatre and was Daniel’s choreographic debut with Northern Ballet.
  • The piece has been revived as part of the ‘Perpetual Motions’ Mixed Program for Northern Ballet in February 2012.
  • Music: by the Scottish group ‘Moishe’s Bagel’ composed by Phil Alexander.
  • Tracks: ‘Tanzt Glassidic’ and ‘The MacGoldberg’s Jig and Reel’
  • Orchestration: John Longstaff
  • Set and costumes design: Christopher Giles
  • Lighting by: Andy Waddington

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