Artistic Associate – Northern Ballet

Doing itDaniel joined Northern Ballet in 1995 as principal dancer under the Directorship of Christopher Gable. Later during his performing career he began teaching and coaching company’s repertoire.

He was invited to join Northern Ballet’s Artistic Staff in 2004. Since then Daniel has worked closely with David Nixon as part of the Artistic staff and is also entrusted with representing and promoting the company in the UK and abroad.

With 20 years of experience of the company’s repertoire Daniel has worked alongside Northern Ballet’s guest choreographers Massimo Morricone, Gyllian Lynn, Nacho Duarto, Veronica Papper, Cathy Marston, Hans Van Manen and Jonathan Watkins amongst others.

As Northern Ballet’s Artistic Associate Daniel continues to work intensively in the creation, development and nurturing of high standard productions. He is an enthusiastic ballet teacher, coach and mentor of emerging choreographers. In his capacity as deputy to the Artistic director Daniel is also an ambassador for Northern Ballet, representing the company and helping to promote its worldwide presence as a most influential British Dance company.