Simply Playful (2010)

Daniel was invited to take part on the Initiate Project which was developed as two weeks of energetic, fun and challenging dance with four professional choreographers culminating in three performances at Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking.
He developed and workshoped a choreographic piece and also taucht the participants some of the days with ballet based training.  Participants also went through the same process on African Contemporary with Francis Angol.

The piece we performed at the end of the project was choreographed on 7 young girls and is called “Simply Playful”.The dance piece takes the idea from the title of its first music track “Pula Brincando” which literally translates from Portuguese to English as “Jump Playfully”. All 4 tracks are by Ivan Vilela who is a Brazilian 10 string guitar virtuoso.

The Brazilian traditional rhythms of “Catira” and “Baião” are explored in the music and have their roots in the colonial era with direct influence from the Portuguese colonisers, the African slaves brought to Brazil and even Spanish traditional music and dance.