Meraki (2013)

“Meraki – a Greek word expressing doing something with love and soul and injecting that into one’s creativity – explores the idea of the dancers and how they have grown as dancers and people through their training and now about to move into the professional realm. Choreographed by Northern Ballet’s Daniel de Andrade, Meraki has a dreamlike, introverted quality, giving the dancers opportunities to create their own shapes while demonstrating the good classical lines and foundations instilled within them. John O’Gara again stands out with his radiant energy, compact frame and impressive classical technique although the company look generally strong.”

“But it was the contemporary Meraki that really stood out. With strong choreography by Daniel de Andrade, the young cast attacked the piece which was elevated to something really special thanks to some brilliant lighting by Ed Railton and costumes by Richard Gellar.” Review by  from the Enquirer.

“Equally impressive, although rather more edgy, is Northern Ballet Ballet Master Daniel de Andrade’s “Meraki”, which is a Greek word meaning doing something with creativity, love and soul. The classically-based choreography is powerful with lots of angular positions. The whole cast looked good as they attacked it with all the force it needed, with Wing Yue Leung looking particularly impressive.” Review by David Mead from Critical Dance.

“Northern Ballet’s Daniel de Andrade closes the second act with Meraki, named after a Greek word that means “doing something with love and soul” and brings this idea to the development of the dancers themselves, and how they have put themselves into the work they love over their years of training. Tiny Wing Yue Leung is a vibrant force on stage during the piece, ending up in a variety of excitingly angular inversions.” REVIEWED BY LISE SMITH from LondonDance.